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Ten Years Old
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I've decided to discontinue the old photo gallery. I put photos there during the first week until I got the Picture of the Day feature working.

Since the Picture of the day is much more exhaustive that what was there before (and sort of a duplicate) I couldn't see maintaning both and now the Picture of the Day now stands alone.

Now, if only I can keep up with the updating....

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One Month

So, today is the girl's one month birthday. This is a big event for her. She'll probably sleep through most of it though. As parents, it's a big event for us too...

We have survived the first month with lots less sleep, lots more noise in the house (in the form of screams, particularly late at night or very early in the morning), lots of visitors, lots of mess, and for me, lots of time spent feeding, but lots less time for anything else. One month sounds like a short time; however, I feel like we've been doing this forever. What I mean is that it seems right and natural. On the other hand, I can't believe that a month has past already. Eila is changing so much everyday, and so are we!

Posted by shannon at 11:55 AM | Comments (0)

It was the best of nights....

...it was the worst of nights.

Eila has been a little inconsistent with her sleeping patterns lately. Lets take Sunday night and Monday nights as examples:
  Sunday night: Awoke once between 11am and 7am. Good!
  Monday night: Did not sleep*. Not as good.

I think we've gotten into what I've read about in a few places: the "fussy times". Eila will just get fussy and nothing we can do will help her. This poses a problem because our house isn't that big and, well, she's loud. The current culprit is suspected to be dairy foods in Shannon's diet, and we're trying that theory out.

* she slept a little.

Posted by byee at 05:42 PM | Comments (0)

Motor Skillz Update

Eila has been moving her head around almost in a coherent deliberate manner (almost...). She's also, in the last few days, been noticing the mirror and the mobile above her head when she's in the swing (which means her eyesight is improving too). Her head used to flop over to the side in her swing, but now she'll twist around and stare directly upwards. Pretty neat to see. Plus she looks a little funny while doing it.

That's pretty much it right now. She's also spitting up a lot -- but I'm not so sure that's a "skill".

Posted by byee at 05:52 PM | Comments (0)

It's Just You and Me

I'll be watching the girl this weekend...alone. I've done this before. I've watched her, i think, twice before. The difference here is that this babysitting adventure is going to span a feeding.

Now, she's eaten from a bottle once before. My mom had that honor of the first bottle when Shannon and I went out for her birthday together. But, we'd attempted to plan that outing around her feeding schedule. Apparently Eila had gotten a little hungry a little early and the bottle was given. But -- it was just a small amount of milk, and she had a regular feeding not too long afterwards.

This, to me -- a first time dad going through all these things for the first time -- is a scary thing. I look at the milk in the fridge and think of being stranded in the middle of the Sahara. You're pretty sure you have enough water with you, but if you happen to run out, you're in big trouble.

...or she could sleep the whole time.

Posted by byee at 03:48 PM | Comments (0)

The Paradox of the Newborn

I've been thinking lately: "I can't believe in three months I'll have a three month old. It took us nine months to get this newborn." Maybe it's the lack of sleep....

Posted by byee at 12:01 PM | Comments (0)

Three week round up -- Babies are Weird

Babies are weird. That's what I've decided. Three weeks of having one around the house one and it's certain.

I've never known:

  • Babies can go from crying to sleeping within 4 nanoseconds

  • Newborns shed their skin in large amounts. Large amounts of her hands came off in the first week. I thought soon there was going to be a baby-shaped skin next to her in the crib one morning

  • Babies go through so many diapers. I know I should have known this one, but compounded by the number of diapers wasted from changing mishaps....I'm astounded

  • Babies go through so many clothes. See last point and I'll let you make the connection.

Posted by byee at 11:57 AM | Comments (0)

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