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Ten Years Old
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Happy 9th Birthday, Eila

Birth Announcement

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Eila and her pal, Noah, went on their first excursion together to visit their other friends, Ben and June. (Really, it was a trip for her maman to visit their mothers: Em and Andrea.)

We drove down at bedtime for the kids and made it to Aunt Nat's where we all crashed for the night. After breakfast and a very brief visit, we continued to Lexington. It was quite beautiful - the bluegrass and rolling hills were much more than I imagined. Eila hardly appreciated it though, as she slept for most of the drive. We talked, ate, and played for 2-1/2 days before heading back up to Aunt Nat's for dinner and then pressing on towards home. It was a quick, but fabulous trip.

While one of the main reasons for our visit was to meet June, Eila didn't give her a second glance. June slept most of the time and Eila was not particularily interested in her. The boys, on the other hand, were fascinating.

Eila spent hours watching and learning from Ben, who can run and do just about anything, and from Noah, who is walking very well now. She was mostly in her own world until one of the boys would come and take a toy, but they usually gave it back. Eila didn't seem to mind though; I think she found the boys more interesting than the toys anyway. She really had fun with the "boy toys" like the trucks and many wheeled things. The old barn with the door that moos was a favorite as well as all of the animals inside.

Posted by shannon at 09:39 AM | Comments (0)


Scratch Kentucky off the list (or put it on the list depending on how you're keeping track at home).

I'll let Shannon fill in the info since I didn't go.

Posted by byee at 07:23 AM | Comments (0)

Official Pictures

We finally took Eila in to get some official pictures, so that her doting family can have printed photographs to put in frames and wallets. Her six-month pictures were taken at J.C. Penney's and are available for viewing and ordering at https://www.smilesbywire.com/home.asp?AC=LTP28601006010JCP.
(The customer name is Shannon Yee.)

She was quite the adorable princess, smiling and giggling for the photographer. Playing in the little bathtub was a hoot - she was really hitting the sides and making a big racket, so much so that she nearly toppled it over.

Posted by shannon at 10:44 AM | Comments (1)

Yummy in my tummy

In case you were wondering what Eila is eating these days, here it is:
-rice (brown, white, and flakes from the box)
-oatmeal (old-fashioned and flakes)
-sweet potatoes

Her favorite seems to be the green food, but orange food isn't far behind, especially the nectarines. Apricots were lowest on the list with an adorable face that said "Wow, that is tart!" with each bite.

The foods in the white color range are very much enjoyed - even more by mom and dad for their ease of cleaning.

Eila was, at first, a very neat eater with excellent manners; however, she is now attempting to perfect her spraying/spitting technique and practices with gusto at every feeding. She finds herself highly entertaining and giggles with delight when she gets a really good juicy spray or an especially loud razz.

Tomorrow she'll start bananas and then maybe tofu or squash early next week. Any ideas about what should follow?

Posted by shannon at 09:39 PM | Comments (0)

Standing, Crawling, anything but Sitting...

Eila has become bored with the sitting position. She's been doing it for a few weeks now and has decided that is currently below her. Her new thing is pulling up.

Here's how things work now: Eila will fuss and fuss, then grasp at your hands until she can get a good grip -- and then pulls herself up.

Eila is also getting better at crawling. She's able to move herself around a little bit. Backwards. Around in a circle. Sometimes she'll move about one inch forward. Meanwhile, we're looking to baby -proof the house.

Posted by byee at 08:21 PM | Comments (0)

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