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Ten Years Old
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Growing Up....Fast!

Eila has been growing, a lot, recently. She's become very expressive and talks so much nowadays. For the most part, no one can make the sounds Eila makes nor can anyone understand her, but that doesn't stop her from talking all the time to everyone. She mimics us and thinks it is so funny. A few weeks ago, she learned to shake her head "no" and has already mastered it in a variety of contexts, much to her delight.

She has added a few words to her vocabulary. In addition to "uh-oh", she clearly says "da", "mama", "non" (no) and "hi", as well as just yesterday "coucou" (peek-a-boo).

She even has some more teeth - three molars and finallly a top front tooth. This has caused her much discomfort, but she is able to eat a lot more and even take bites of some of her parent's delicious food.

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walking... for real now

One week ago today, Eila decided that she would like to be a walker instead of a crawler. So, she practiced walking back and forth between the rooms of the house for what seemed like hours after playgroup with her walking buddies. Over the weekend, she amazed everyone with her new skills and hasn't looked back.

Now, when she falls down, she gets back up and keeps walking. And, she falls down a lot. She has hit her head quite a few times as well as other body parts too. I think she even hurt the table once or twice.

While, we say walking we mean: toddling. Walking is possibly the correct term, if you consider it being upright and moving two legs forward in alternation. Her whole body is involved in the effort to stay upright and keep moving forward. She looks very unsteady at all times. I think she resembles a drunken sailor (on a ship, of course).

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