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Ten Years Old
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Birth Announcement

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Items for the Toddler Book

Seeing as Eila is no longer a "baby," but rather a busy toddler, we cannot very well chronicle her continued progress in a baby book...

Eila loves to dance, especially on her stage in the basement, but anywhere that an audience is gathered and/or there is music playing, she'll move and shake.

She has begun to mimic many sounds, but really enjoys being a lion or a dog. She is also copying the tune of several songs and singing them back in her own language.

Eila loves to eat cheese crackers (like goldfish) and has discovered where these are kept (our of her reach). So, she will stand just underneath and with a wonderful whine loudly request her favorite snack.

We would like everyone to know that Eila is what many refer to as a "stinker." She fully understands the word "no" and usually obeys, but a good deal of the time Eila will stop and look and then with a very wide grin return to her undesired behavior (most often digging in the garbage or something re: to the bathroom.)

In other news, Eila has successfully used the potty on a few occasions, much to her parents' delight.

Milk drinking has begun. It has been a slow road, but Eila will now sip milk and swallow it.

Eating with a spoon and fork is something that Eila is currently hard at work mastering. She usually holds the utensil in her left hand and grabs food with her right hand to put in her mouth or onto the spoon or fork.

Eila is a girly girl. She loves shoes and will bring her shoes out to be put on her feet. Her favorite seems to be the shiny black mary-janes.

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Sick Eila

Eila has been a very healthy child, but since the very first day of 2006, she has had a few illnesses to deal with... pink eye, a couple of colds, a high fever, and then most recently the stomach flu. (Also, not to be soon forgotten is her episode with the can in the garbage and the ensuing glue and bandages on her tiny finger. ) With all of her previous maladies, Eila liked to cuddle and sleep a little more than normal, but with this stomach bug, no one would even have known that she was sick (if she hadn't spread it around...) Now, we are hoping and expecting that as spring comes, the cold and flu season will end and Eila will again enjoy many months of excellent health.

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