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Ten Years Old
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Birth Announcement

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First Wedding

This weekend was the first wedding Eila has attended. She was in the nursery with a babysitter during the actual wedding, but she fully enjoyed the reception. She was very well behaved during the dinner, especially considering that it was pretty much bedtime by then. After a bit of strolling around the grounds, she was ready for the real fun. By the end of the chicken dance and hokey pokey, Eila was getting the hang of the group dance thing and was requesting to get back to the dance floor for the YMCA.

The wedding was a very happy occasion, but it was also her last night with Aunt Amber before she moved to LA, so it was bittersweet for Eila. She will really miss her aunt, but is looking forward to seeing her at the beach this winter...

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Home Alone

This weekend was Eila's first night without her either of her parents around. Eila wasn't really home alone and wasn't even really home, instead she spent her time mostly with Aunt Amber. She had so much fun, playing, eating, sleeping, and playing some more. Eila didn't even notice when her doting parents returned from their hiatus. In fact, she was more than a little annoyed that mom and dad wanted to hug and hold her when all she wanted was to continue riding the frogs at the park...

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Talking up a Storm

Eila speaks a special language that no one understands completely (except her, of course). She will clearly and emphatically wave her hands and tell us what is going on or what we need to do, but we have no idea what she has said. Her language involves a lot of pitch variations and a lot of sounds produced with excess saliva. She will often stop at the end of her speech and clap, expecting others to join her in the applause. It's a hoot!

Eila is also really starting to speak. She is adding about one new word a day in either French or English. My guess is about 10 French words and 15 English words make up her vocabulary right now. She is also signing: more, please, thanks, and baby.

Between the 4 languages that Eila is currently speaking (Eilaian, French, English, and Sign Language); she is always talking. In her defense, just yesterday, we noticed that her babbling is starting to sound more like a recognizable language, but we still have no idea what she is saying most of the time.

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