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Ten Years Old
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Originally uploaded by brianyee0.

Eila is very curious.

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18 Months (& a little)

Eila is growing and changing so much everyday. Her hair is actually starting to come in on top (not just the back) and she is getting taller and steadier on her feet each day. Words are really coming at a fast pace now. She repeats all kinds of things and even said her first sentence (word combo) on Saturday: "No, Daddy!"

Watching older kids is a source of great amusement and education for Eila. Her cousins taught her to play hide & seek, showed her that videos are really cool, and introduced new areas of the playground equipment. She has little fear and loves to explore, so this can be an exciting and somewhat dangerous combination.

Some of her favorite things currently include: reading books, going to the park (cark), playing outside, especially with a car or at the pool, playing in water (at the sink, in the bath, outside, anywhere really), pointing to face parts (eyes, ears, etc) & having someone name them, pointing to boo-boos & saying "boo-boo" then making a very sad face (regardless of whose boo-boo and if it's a freckle or boo-boo), opening & emptying mama's travel toiletries bag & then applying the make-up, esp. lipstick, taking someone's hand to lead them where she wants to go, getting shoes for self and others to put on, brushing her teeth (chewing on the toothbrush), dancing & singing, giving kisses, and imitating everything anyone else is doing.

Eila's vocabulary is almost completely in English, but she fully comprehends both French & English. Among the new words coming from her are: car, ball, park, boo-boo, eye, buddy, please, thank you, op-la (uh-oh in French), outside, bubbles, play, up, ici (here in French), celui-ci (this one in French), and of course, NOOO! in more and more contexts.

Also, the potty training of Eila has begun. We have been very relaxed and only take her when she wants to go. However, this approach has worked very well so far and she has gone almost a full month with only one BM in her diaper. She now asks us to take her to the toilet for BM and occasionally for peeing too, but her diaper is always wet when we get there. As far as I'm concerned, this is very impressive!

As busy as Eila is trying to have fun, she is never too busy to show a little love with a kiss. What a sweetie!

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Facing Forward

The latest news is that we have finally turned Eila's car seat around to face forward. She seems to enjoy it about the same as she enjoyed the rear-facing car seat. In this new position she has a better reach of the sunshade and is close to ripping it off the window.

One of Eila's favorite activities currently is "driving" the car. She is happy to stand in the driver's seat of any car and push buttons, turn knobs, steer, and try out of the things she can reach. She still loves her toy cars as well, but they aren't quite as much fun as the real thing.

Unrelated to cars, Eila is also very interested in water - playing in the sink, bath, pool, sprinkler, water table are all great ways to pass the time. So, beware if you are near a sink and Eila is coming - you may have to spend 15-20 minutes splashing.

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