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Ten Years Old
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Alla Koot!

Eila is cute, and she thinks so too. Or at least, that's what she says whenever she sees a picture of herself. Eila calls herself "Alla." A few times, she has said that Maman or Papa are koot (cute) too and even thrown in a sweet "aww." One of Eila's favorite pastimes is to look at pictures of herself and her friends and family. When asked to identify various people, she usually does pretty well. She'll point to the correct person when prompted with "Where's ___?" When we ask her "Who's this?" If it's a cousin on Maman's side "Annie" is always the answer (except for babies, then they are either Yaya or Nana). If it's a cousin on Papa's side "Joshie" is always the answer. Strange, but true.

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Eila has been learning lots of sign language and the sign for sick is one of Eila's favorites. Unfortunately, she is currently understanding what sick really means. She seems to have a nasty stomach flu (that she has shared with her father) and doesn't appear to like the sign for sick as much as she used to.

Eila began throwing up at about 10:15pm last night and continued until her stomach was completely emptied at around 12:30pm. She then was up every hour or so to dry heave. It hasn't been fun for anyone. This morning she tried to drink some water and nurse and that didn't work out too well either. So, we hope you'll understand the lack of TPOD for today...

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Eila was standing near the Christmas tree clearly distressed and continuously repeating "bock, bock, bock!" I tried to understand and asked her if she saw something gross (beurk) or would like me to leave (often she says "be right back" when she'd like to be alone.), but she just kept saying "bock" louder and more insistently. Then, finally she retrieved an ornament that had fallen from higher up the tree and was resting sideways on a branch just in front of her. This ornament was the infamous Mr. Spock (from Star Trek & Jen's wedding photos). So, she helped me return Mr. Spock to a prominent and upright position on the tree.

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