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Ten Years Old
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Sweet Big Sister

This morning, Josiah was crying as he fought going down for a nap while fun was being had elsewhere, but Eila came to his rescue. She told me "I check it out." and then did just that. She went over to his crib and began talking gently to him and then singing. It worked. Josiah stopped crying and watched his big sister attentively. Later, while they were playing together, Eila pushed Josiah and he started to cry. She again started singing to him and was pleased with the result of no more tears.

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You Go Time Out

I was trying to help Eila with the potty this evening when she decided she didn't want my help. She said, "No Papa, You Go Time Out". Apparently Eila is convinced that she is charge of the house.

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We started working on Scripture memory with Eila; she has been doing amazingly well. She has her first verse down and was saying it for some friends this morning. This is how it went: "Genesis 1:1 In the beginning, Barney..." at this point there was a loud outburst of laughter and Eila never completed the verse, but continued to say Barney in an effort to get another uproarious reaction. She does love Barney and now I can help her understand her second verse, Matt. 6:24 "No one can serve two masters." For Eila, it's not money that competes with God, but Barney!

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Lions and Tigers and Bears

Eila loves the zoo. She eagerly awaits the animals and we seem to have good timing on our visits, because we often see the animals while they are active. Last week, we saw two tigers playing and swatting at each other as well as two bears wrestling. We tried to wake up three camels and were successful on one account. ("Wake up, camels. Wake up! Look at Eila!") We witnessed some kangaroos procreating and then two males fighting over the female. We also saw the monkeys grooming each other and the gorilla walking around. Perhaps the best was the bison charging two geese who invaded his space while the other bison bathed itself in the mud. Eila's comment: "Silly amimals!" I couldn't have said it better myself.

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Weekend Fun

I managed to make a blowgun out of some of eila's foamy blocks and hilarity ensued. Here is the evidence:

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Mmm... Tastes!

Yesterday, while in the car, Eila was in need of a tissue, but in good toddler form used her finger instead. A few seconds later, Eila was heard saying "Boogie in the mouth. Mmmm. Tastes. Boogie tastes. Mmm. Good in the mouth Eila." Kids will be kids.

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