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Ten Years Old
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Siah, I in Time Out

When Eila is having a fit (like she is right now), she cries and screams and you might actually believe that she is in some sort of torment and distress if it weren't for the breaks she takes to tell Josiah to leave her alone. Eila wails as loudly and tortuously as she can for a few moments, but if Josiah is in view, she will stop and calmly say "Siah, I in time out." If he continues to approach, she'll even more politely explain to her little brother, "No, Siah, you can't come here; I in time out." Immediately after this brief, albeit very welcome repose, she resumes her rant as though there had been no change at all. The strange thing about this is that she is not actually in time out (at least not put there by me...)

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I am a Big Girl, I am!

Eila has been saying so much today that has been cracking me up. She started the day with her usual reminder that it's no longer time to sleep, and then told me what a big girl she is. "I'm a big girl. I am. I am!" She spent some time figuring out that Siah is not a big girl, rather a little boy.

Here are some other things that Eila has said today.
I need my cell phone. Where is my cell phone, Mom?
I'm going to work (as she put on my shoes).
Mama, I want to read you me.
(When I brought out her swimsuit & water shoes) I go to the ocean, Mommy. I go to water, swimming with Rachel, Claire.
I'm sitting on the plano (piano). (Josiah's standing toy) I very careful, not falling. I take a nappy, Mama, on the plano.

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Preschool Bus

Eila has started to attend a homeschool preschool co-op with four of her closest friends and loves it. She loves to dance and have snack at preschool. She also enjoys the craft and storytime as well as playing. The only thing she doesn't like is that there is no bus. Eila would love to ride on a school bus, but we take the car to school - it's tragic.

Now, whenever we go anywhere - the zoo, the grocery store, etc. Eila asks if we are going to go with her preschool buddies. If the answer is no, she often follows up with a request to ride a school bus...

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Runny Nose Gone Awry

We went to the doctor for Josiah today and when I asked the pediatrician what I could do to help Eila's crusty runny nose, she said that she would need antibiotics (just like Josiah, but for a very different reason) because she has impetigo. Hopefully, this will help her get rid of the runny nose too!

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