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Ten Years Old
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No, I Can't. I'm Sorry.

If you ask Eila to do something, she might respond "Yes, Ma'am!" or she might say "No, I can't. I'm sorry." Eila may also add "I'm busy right now." She is a very polite little girl most of the time. Lately, she has been imitating her parents tone and speech more and more (for good and bad!).

This weekend, Eila went on her first camping trip and loved it. While we were packing up the tent, we explained to her the Papa used to camp in this tent when he was a little boy. A few minutes later, Eila said "When I was a little boy, I go camping in this tent."

We often hear Eila yelling at Josiah "No! No, Josiah. I said, 'No!'" We can't figure out where she would've heard that before. :) Occasionally, when Josiah is crying we might hear her say "It's okay, Josiah. I'm right here. You're okay." Usually though, she has had enough and screams "STOP CRYING, JOSIAH!"

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Vacation Memories

The first week in September, we went on a family vacation to Colorado. Eila met her Great-Grandpa Hall for the first time and made an immediate connection with him by fishing. We went on lots of "hikes," which were walks through the mountains, stopping to collect rocks in the stroller seat, where Eila would then sit on them. "It's comfy!"

We enjoyed several picnics and even had cookies for breakfast like Great-Grandpa a few times. Eila loved the hot bathtub at the vacation house we rented and had to take a swim every morning. She saw several rainbows and even became a little bored with them. One morning, Eila thought that I (her mother) was Aunt Amber coming downstairs and was very disappointed to learn the truth. Eila read the Bible and sang her Bible verse songs for a while and is still carrying around "her" Bible.

The highlights of vacation for Eila were playing with John Huntoon and Josiah in Boulder and Breckenridge. She also loved playing in the sunroom with Grandma Kathy and Great-Grandma Hall, and even Elliana and her aunt Ursula. The best part, though, was going home. Eila was able to ride in a car, bus, train, and 2 planes in order to get to her Michigan home, where she wanted to go all week. Nick (the nickname) for the vacation house and all the space, luxury, and great views just didn't compare to the comforts of home.

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