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Ten Years Old
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Birth Announcement

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Godly Girl

"I want to pray. Dear God, Thank you for everybody. Thank you for Jack and Jill, went up the hill. Jack fell down. I'm sorry he broke his crown. I pray that you help his crown. Thank you for Jo-Jo and Annie. I pray that Jo-Jo will have a good night sleep."

Papa: Mama is at her Bible meeting.
Eila: Bible meeting?
Papa: Do you know what the Bible is?
Eila: God's truth.
Papa: Where did you learn that?
Eila: Preschool.

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Said Recently

"We can wear clothes to bed. Sometimes, I can wear clothes to bed. We wear our clothes to bed sometimes. I can wear clothes to bed. Okay?" As she peers around the corner in a whole new outfit 45 minutes after "going to bed."

"Ice cream suckers are for big girls, Mommy." (that is Popsicles)

"I need a wipe to wash off my feet. They are very dirty. I may need a bath."

"I'm Eila Rose Yee. My brother is Josiah Robert Rose Yee."

"I rode in Aunt Nat and Uncle Chris' truck. Elliana dumped her goldfish all over. She really likes to dump out goldfish in Uncle Chris and Natalie's and Elliana's car. Elliana's carseat is like mine. Not upside down backwards like Josiah. Can I go in their car again?"

"Josiah is a little monkey too, just like that" while watching the Diana Monkeys climb the wall at the zoo.

"Sometimes dogs and monkeys don't poop in the potty. It's an accident." while the chimpanzee defecated from the top of the tree at the zoo.

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Broken Ear

Eila loudly announced to her pediatrician: "My ear is broken!"

It turns out that Eila was correct, she has an infection in her right ear. Eila was very excited to take her medicine and will hopefully be doing much better soon. The pediatrician assured her that while her ear is broken now, it should be fine in a few days. The sucker she got helped a lot too.

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Eila learned what poison is yesterday when she sprayed her face and mouth with Off Insect Repellent and we had to call Poison Control. The small rash on her face cleared up quickly and the friendly helpers at our local poison control center advised giving her a good scrub down in the shower and keeping an eye on her for a while, so that's what we did and she is as good as ever. She does know that she now cannot spray things without asking first and that Off tastes really bad.

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I Can

Eila can do lots of things, and let's us know.
"I can stay up a little later, because I'm three years old."
"I can eat those because I have teeth."
"I can ride my bike like Kaitrin."
"When I turn 4, I can get a tinkerbell skate board."
"I can get Hannah Montana stuff, on my next birthday, after I turn this many."
"If I'm really good at the doctor's, I can get a sucker or a donut."
"I can plug it in by myself. Please don't help me." (it=her new vacuum)
"I can push the cart."
"I can help Josiah blow his nose. He needs to."
"I can wear my shoes without socks. My feet won't get cold."
"I don't need a diaper. I can sleep like this." (this=completely naked)
"I can do it by myself!"

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Today, Eila received a vacuum in the mail. She was overjoyed at its arrival and has already put it to use vacuuming under the table and the kitchen several times. She first tried out this new appliance at Aunt Nat's and did such a good job, we thought we'd get her one to use each night as she helps with clean up. It's never to early to start helping, so she willingly let Josiah try it too!

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