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Ten Years Old
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Cozy Bed

We had the chance to get a cheap toddler bed and thought it might be nice to have more room for the kids in their room. Plus, we could use Eila's former twin bed as a guest bed. Eila loved the new bed, complete with princess sheets for about two nights, and since then every time she is ready to go to bed, she just can't. She asks us for her big, comfy bed. The bed that is "just my size is not cozy!" Last night, we brought up her old comforter and that seemed to help a lot - she slept on the floor with her cozy blanket. And, tonight she is sleeping in the basement, on her big, cozy bed - she must really like cozy, because she didn't make a peep after I tucked her in downstairs.

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Eila has noticed that many of her friends and beloved family members have minvans and she thinks that they are very cool. So, she suggested to me that after we finish our errands for today, maybe we could get a "Mickey van".

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Eila is at the point now where she has some little fears. She is afraid of thunder and lightning. She is afraid of walking over bridges or manhole covers where you can see down. She is afraid of bugs that might bite. She is afraid of being alone or even more so of her friends not being with her wherever she goes (apparently, she is an extrovert.) She is afraid of the basement and the possible spiders she might find.

In an effort to continue living happily despite her fears, Eila is coping well. She asks for someone to stay with her during storms. She holds a hand while walking over bridges. She reads books and asks lots of questions about bugs and what types might bite or not. She makes friends everywhere she goes and at least has Josiah if there are no other friends around. She turns on the light to shoo away any spiders in the basement. Each fear has some practical help, but we've also been working on memorizing Is. 43:5 "Do not be afraid, for I am with you." The only problem is that while she knows the verse, she can't see God...

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