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Ten Years Old
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Happy 9th Birthday, Eila

Birth Announcement

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All I Want For Christmas...

What EIla wants is anything and everything that she sees in the store or a magazine, especially if it is related in any way to a princess, fairy, butterfly, rock star like Hannah Montana, or girl. She also readily acknowledges that she has too many toys and dress-up clothes and does NOT need or want anymore, and that she should give most of them to some friends who don't have any (many) toys like her. So, we have been donating a few toys fairly regularly to those who need or want them.

Some of her favorite people in the world have already started asking what she'd like for Christmas and since we've been receiving a few catalogs in the mail every day, she has started to formulate a list...
make-up (non-toxic, safe for sensitive skin, and sparkly!)
a camera (purple is preferred)
doll clothes
headset with microphone (think rock star) or microphone stand
night light (cute)
Cricket magazine subscription (Ladybug or Click)
gymnastic or swimming lessons
science center membership
Jungle Java gift card
clothes (skirts or dresses size 4)
and anything that Josiah wants

Eila currently loves to read and play games. We have lots of games including: Candyland, Hi-Ho-Cherry-O, Memory, Same and Different Lotto, Chutes and Ladders, Thomas Dominos and Go Fish, Uno, Block Buddies, and a book with great game ideas.

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Conversations with Eila

Brian: "Here's a picture of Claire & Rachel's new dog."
Eila: "I was just pretending to be Rachel."

Eila: "I want a bigger cupcake."
A few seconds later, with her same-size cupcake: "I'm gonna save my cupcake for later, when I'm hungry."

Eila: "I'm allergic to cheese. I can't eat cheese, like my brother."
Shannon: "No, you are not allergic to cheese. You can eat as much as you want. What are you allergic to?"
Eila; "Penicillin." (or a pronunciation close enough to understand) "I can't eat moldy things. Can you?"

Eila: "When I eat a few treats, it doesn't make my tummy feel bad. The good, healthy just goes down into my heart and my stomach and my intestines and God gives me glory and we give glory to him. My food sees God."
Shannon: "Your food sees God. How does that happen?"
Eila: "My food goes inside me and sees God inside me. It goes down your mouth and then into your stomach and your tintestines. And then it happens and then you healthy foods and it gets better. God makes you healthy and you just play and get healthy. That's the end, ok?"
Shannon: "Okay."

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