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Ten Years Old
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Happy 9th Birthday, Eila

Birth Announcement

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Computer Whiz

Since Eila is a chip off the old block of her father and loves to "work on my website," she will be in charge of selecting the pictures for her website (and maybe Josiah's too). She has selected and uploaded all of the photos for next week.

She has her own login in our computer where she loves to change the desktop picture and screensaver, which is what she really means when she says that she is "working on my website." She will even pick backgrounds that she imagines others will enjoy so as not to keep all the fun for herself. For example, she often selects the clownfish picture for Josiah. Last weekend, she typed a short story about her birthday sounding out the words or finding the letters all by herself.

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Happy 4th Birthday!

The amazing and spunky Eila has turned into quite the young lady and assures us that she wants to continue to grow up and have lots of birthdays!

She currently loves to watch her new High School Musical 2 DVD and listen to Radio Disney in the car riding around town.

She moved into her own room a few days ago -- and went with her mother to Target to pick out a rug, sheet, and everything else a little girl's room needs.

Eila also loves to sing and when she hears music playing will get up and dance.

Before going to bed, she got to ride her new scooter around the living room. Eila had a wonderful birthday.

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Comic Sans

One of the things that Eila enjoys is typing on the computer. We have set her up with a font style entitled BIG that is set at 144 Helvetica. We had to set this style under her user, so I thought she might like a different font that was also very large, so I tried Comic Sans. Eila took one look and immediately responded: "Ugly Letters. I don't want ugly letters. That makes ugly letters."

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Phone Lines

We recently had some trouble with our phone lines (therefore no internet and hence the lack of pictures for a few weeks). Eila heard us talking about phone lines and not having any reference for this discussion, piped up with "Phone lines are for hanging phones on." Just like clotheslines.

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