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Ten Years Old
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Big Kid

Eila is getting to be a big girl and to prove it she recently (Saturday, July 18) had two very big kid accomplishments.

First, for Easter Eila got a My Moeba toy after months of playing the games and earning the hearts to make her moeba grow, she did it. The top of her toy opened and she got out a smallish, blue strange looking plush toy. She could not be more proud, and immediately wanted to show Kaitrin, a true big kid, her success.

Second, Eila had her first go at riding a bike with no training wheels. We went to the empty parking lot behind a nearby school and took off her training wheels, gave her a quick talk about balance and then gave her a running push and she was off. She did amazing and was able to ride a bit on her own. However, she was terrified of falling and if the bike started to lean at all, she would jump off completely. With a little more practice and a lot more confidence, she'll be riding a two-wheeler all the time, like a big kid.

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Tea Party

Earlier this week, Eila made elaborate invitations with glitter glue and markers. She decorated her table and chairs with stickers and assigned a spot to each of her guests. She picked out bouquets and mirrors and wands for her friends. Eila thought about what food should be served and what games should be played.

This morning, Eila helped get ready for her very first tea party by cleaning her room, making chocolate chip cookies, taking a nap, finding the teapot and tea cups, selecting the plates and tablecloth. All was in order, she changed her clothes 4 times until she had just the right dress.

Lindsay, Lucie and Genevieve joined her in their fancy dresses to enjoy some peach tea, cookies, sandwiches and banana slices. They played Kiss The Frog (like Pin the Tail on the Donkey), which was Eila's favorite part. They played with princess figurines and some make-up and jewelry. Then the girls danced and sang "I'm a Little Tea Pot." They posed and smiled for pictures and were very sophisticated. It was a lovely party.

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Little Update

When things aren't going Eila's way, she might let out a guttural grunt (which we just realized she has been doing since before she was speaking) to make it clear that this is unacceptable. Eila might also writhe about throwing her body into terribly contortions - when well or not. Eila has been sick several times in the past two weeks. She has had three different fevers, two of them with violent vomiting, but yet she has not lost her appetite or her ability to get what she wants, even if she is too weak to speak coherently (except to ask for dinner).

She is also a loving big sister for Thaddeus. She will often try to console him if he starts to cry and loves to make him laugh. Eila will try to tickle and play with him singing him songs and talking to him in excellent Mom-ese. Sometimes, she is a loving big sister to Josiah too, but not always. She will often tell Josiah what he can and cannot do (usually suggesting that he do it her way or let her show him). Eila will let Josiah play with her things if he dresses like a girl since they are girl things - she helps him pick out her clothes and put them on.

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