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Ten Years Old
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Happy 9th Birthday, Eila

Birth Announcement

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Part of God's People

Tonight, we were looking at the map on our shower curtain and talking about Israel and God's people. Eila said that she wanted to be a part of God's people and asked if I was one and how she could do that. So, after a brief talk she prayed with both her parents: "Today, God, I want you to come in my life forever. I know I cannot do anything good on my own - without your help." And, so she is a new creation with a "heart bigger than the house, bigger than the whole United States of America," with an amazing Helper in her life forever.

If you want to know more, you could ask her or check out this.

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The 7th Birthday

It was the best of days; it was the worst of days.

It started off great with her favorite breakfast of French toast, followed by a present. Then we went to a jungle gym and swimming, which was great fun. She also had an apple that sort of made her tooth wiggle. For lunch, she chose the place and enjoyed a big fat ice cream sundae (and even shared it with her brothers)! And for the afternoon, we headed to the Hands-On Museum to learn and explore and have a fabulous time. After a small purchase in the gift shop, she had another apple, which really made her tooth wiggle. Eila headed to gymnastics practice, where she worked hard and still had a pretty good time as everyone sang and she shared some chocolate eclair cake with the team and lost a tooth!

Unfortunately, the day wasn't quite over yet, and her tummy started to hurt on the way home and then her brother punched her in the face and Daddy had to work a little late. Her requested dinner wasn't helping the tummy ache and she was full after a bite or two. So, she watched a bit of Whizzard of Ow (Coyote and Road Runner) to cheer her up, and read and cuddled with Dad on the couch. Just as Eila was about to get in bed, she got very sick... Hopefully, the tooth fairy won't forget to come!

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Birthday List

Eila had such great success with her Christmas list, that she has decided a birthday list is in order. With her 7th birthday less than 2 weeks away, she's hoping this will provide for some happy celebrating. Unfortunately, she forgot to check with her parents and a DS is not something she'll be able to have until she can show some responsibility in taking care of her things and keeping her room clean... same for a pet fish.


Updated to add: Eila has discovered (with the help of the catalogue that came to her in the mail) that the new American Girl Doll of the year is a gymnast! This is so cool. So, she would love to have McKenna's Practice Wardrobe. The beam and bar would be awesome too! New jammies and the accessory set as well as the crutches and cast are also on her wishlist to convert Julie from a hippie into a modern day gymnast.

Posted by shannon at 2:56 PM | Comments (0)

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